The Nerd Series

Nerd Series

If you have wanted to attend The Nerd Series but have not had the opportunity in your area, here is your chance to have a virtual classroom experience on your own PC, in your own time.  Plus you can watch them again and again. 

Many who have attended have gone through the series several times.  This is because, as their skills grow, they get a different set of benefits each time.  There is no substitute for being there and interacting with the instructor and the other techs but this is the next best thing. 

There are over six hours of classroom lecture and demonstration on each module for a total of over 28 hours of virtual training..  And no, Nerd I is not basic just because it has a ‘one’ in the name.  Beginners and seasoned scope jockeys have both found this module valuable. Purchase price includes a license key for one PC.

The Nerd Series on USB is compatible with Windows versions XP, 7, 8, and 10 


The Nerd Series On USB $600.00

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Nerd 1 On USB $150.00

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Nerd 2 On USB $150.00

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Nerd 3 On USB $150.00

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Nerd 4 On USB $150.00

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