Autonerdz Level One Subscription

The description of this subscription is as follows.

Do you own a Picoscope from another vendor? Did you inherit a scope? Did you get your scope second hand? Then this subscription is for you.

 For over 20 years Autonerdz has been selling Pico products and teaching people how to use them. Until now we were forced to limit our support to those that purchased their equipment from us. Now we have an option that we can use to help everyone that uses a Pico.

With this subscription you will have access to training videos that will help jump start your Picoscope journey.

In addition to training videos this subscription comes with access to stream the Nerd Series.

The Nerd Series itself is not Picoscope training. It is training about how scopes work and how various systems on vehicles function and it uses a scope as the primary tool of choice.

In the future we have ideas to release more advanced levels of subscription that include more premium features and benefits.

If we are doing things right, the subscription service is a project that should never be finished. As new software is released, case studies are created, and techniques developed the resources of this subscription should continue to grow and evolve.

This subscription does not include access to the following…

The Picogroup area of the forums
The Autonerdz Cloud
Group Therapy
The Autonerdz Waveform Library
Autonerdz Custom software

You get unlimited access to the Level 1 membership content

Price: $15/Month


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