PicoBNC+ 1400V Differential Probe Kit for Automotive Oscilloscopes (PQ345) includes the TA511


1400 V differential probe kit brings all the PicoBNC+® benefits to high-voltage measurements

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The PQ345 1400 V differential probe kit brings all the PicoBNC+® benefits to high-voltage measurements, including probe recognition and elimination of manual switching and batteries. Technicians can use up to three of these probes simultaneously with the PicoScope 4425A Automotive scope, while still meeting all safety requirements.

The heart of the kit, the TA511 probe is equally effective at handling high-voltage signals for EV and Hybrid systems, all the way down to low-voltage differential signals such as 5 V communications, for example, CAN.


Electrical characteristics

Measurement range ±1400 V (DC + AC peak)
Common mode range ±1400 V (DC + AC peak)
Absolute max. input ±1400 V (DC + AC peak)
Category rating 1000 V CAT III
Measurement range

When used with a

PicoScope 4225A or

4425A oscilloscope

1400 V peak @ 460 kHz

1000 V peak @ 640 kHz

500 V peak @ 1.3 MHz

200 V peak @ 3.4 MHz

100 V peak @ 8.6 MHz

70 V peak @ 20 MHz

Bandwidth (−3 dB) 20 MHz
Rise time (calculated) ≤17.5 ns
DC accuracy ±2% of full scale (probe only)
Input resistance (Ω) 16.3 M ±2% each side to ground

32.6 M ±2% across differential inputs

Common mode

rejection ratio (typical)

−70 dB (0.032%) @ 50 Hz

−55 dB (0.178%) @ 20 kHz


Safety EN 61010-031
Environmental RoHS, WEEE & REACH
EMC Tested to EN 61326-1 and FCC Part 15 Subpart B

General characteristics

Input type Differential, 4 mm shrouded, 0.5 m cable
Probe detection Automatic, with power and control from oscilloscopes with BNC+ interface
Zero adjustment Automatic on connection to PicoScope Manual adjustment in software
Output connection PicoBNC+ (up to three units can be used at once)


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