PicoScope 4425A 4-Ch Diesel Diagnostic Kit with Foam Storage Trays (PQ227)


The PicoScope 4425A Oscilloscope along with current probes and ignition testing accessories.


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This kit includes one Autonerdz PicoGroup Training and Support Subscription. This subscription auto-renews every year at no extra charge.

The 4–Channel Diesel Kit contains the 4425A USB Oscilloscope along with current probes and other accessories.


Our exciting new PicoBNC+™ probe connectivity, unique to PicoScope 4225A and 4425A oscilloscopes, provides you with:

Channel status lights to show you which probes and channels to connect and their status when you load a data file or guided test.

Smart probe interfacing so that all your probe configuration takes place in the software – no more incorrect probe switch positions!

Powered probes that are always on and ready to go – no more flat batteries, current clamp zeroing, or auto-off!

Future-proofing of your diagnostic capabilities as we develop new probe technologies.

Full backwards-compatibility with BNC for all your existing PicoScope or third-party probes


This kit contains:

• 1 –Autonerdz PicoGroup Training and Support subscription
• 1 – Pico 4425A 4-channel scope module (PQ174)
Test Leads
• 1 – PicoBNC+ 5-meter Test Lead: Blue, 4mm permanent ground (TA475)
• 1 – PicoBNC+ 5-meter Test Lead: Red, 4mm permanent ground (TA476)
• 1 – PicoBNC+ 5-meter Test Lead: Green, 4mm permanent ground (TA477)
• 1 – PicoBNC+ 5-meter Test Lead: Yellow, 4mm permanent ground (TA478)
• 2 – PicoBNC+ 10:1 scope probe (TA499)
• 1 – Ultrasonic Parking Sensor Detector (TA329)
• 1 – Keyless Entry Detector (TA330)
• 1 – 2-pin breakout lead (TA012)
• 1 – Breakout Lead 2 pin ACS (TA190)
• 1 – Breakout Lead 3 pin Kostal (TA191)
Current Testing
• 1 – PicoBNC+ 60A AC/DC Current Clamp (TA473)
• 1 – PicoBNC+ 200A/2000A AC/DC Current Clamp  (TA388)
• 1 – Fuse Extension Lead for ATC (TA034)
• 1 – Fuse Extension Lead for Maxi (TA206)
• 1 – Fuse Extension Lead for Mini (TA035)
• 1 – Fuse Extension Lead for JCASE (TA168)
Clips, Probes, and Adapters
• 2 – Small crocodile clip (black) (TA003)
• 2 – Small crocodile clip (red) (TA004)
• 2 – Multimeter style test probe (black) (TA001)
• 2 – Multimeter style test probe (red) (TA002)
• 2 – Battery clip 4mm socket (red) (TA157)
• 2 – Battery clip 4mm socket (black) (TA158)
• 4 – Flexible back pinning probe (black) (TA161)
• 4 – Flexible back pinning probe (red) (TA162)
• 4 – 4mm shrouded to unshrouded adaptor red (TA017)
• 1 – Electronics Acupuncture Probes (TA008)
• 2 – S Hook (Ml168)
• 1 – USB Cable: USB 3.0 blue, 1.8 meters (TA155)
• 1 – USB Cable: 2.0, 4.5 meters (Mi121)
• 1 – Foam storage tray for scope and accessories (PA192)
• 1 – Foam storage tray for current probes and COP probe (PA194)


PicoScope 4425A USB Oscilloscope:

• 4 channels
• Up to 400 MS/s real–time sample rate
• 20 MHz bandwidth
• 250,000,000 sample memory
• ±200 V input range
• Floating inputs
• ConnectDetect™ for reliable connections
• No external power supply required
• Protected against overloads and short circuits
• CAN bus and FlexRay compatible
• Use with any vehicle
• Easy to use
• Includes PicoScope Automotive software
• Free software updates
• 24 month warranty for the scope module, 12 month warranty for accessories

Please click here for the Autonerdz recommended PC specifications


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Download PicoScope Automotive software for free

If you do not yet have a PicoScope you can still download the software free of charge and run it in demo mode. The development team are working hard to release regular updates to PicoScope 7 Automotive with additional features and support for future automotive PicoScope products and kits. A list of supported scope models is below:

PicoScope 3223 • PicoScope 3423 • PicoScope 4223 • PicoScope 4423 • PicoScope 4823 • PicoScope 4225 • PicoScope 4425 • PicoScope 4225A • PicoScope 4425A

Note: Test & Measurement scopes such as the PicoScope 2000 Series are not supported within the Automotive software.


Please visit the Autonerdz download page here


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