WPS500X Pressure Transducer Maxi Kit with Carry Case (PQ038)


WPS500X Pressure Transducer with most available accessories for compression, fuel, exhaust pulse and vacuum testing.

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This kit includes the protective end caps – an Autonerdz exclusive.

The three pressure ranges allow for accurate measurement and analysis of many automotive pressures including cylinder compression, fuel pressure, intake manifold vacuum and even exhaust pulses from the tail pipe. Other accessories may be required to perform some tests. The transducer features an extremely fast 100 µs response rate from 0% to 90% of full scale and sensitivity down to about 5 mbar (about 0.07 psi). This provides accurate representation of rapidly changing signals that span across a broad pressure range such as cylinder compression while the engine is running, even during a snap-throttle test.

Also included is a unique zoom function which allows users to ‘zoom in’ on signal components such as valve pulses from the intake or injector pulses from the fuel rail.

For use with a PicoScope. Can be used with other scopes and/or DVOM’s, but may require a BNC-Banana jack adapter.


This kit contains:

  • WPS500X pressure transducer
  • Protective end caps – an Autonerdz Exclusive
  • Female thread Foster series 2 quick coupler – an Autonerdz Exclusive
  • TA083: Fuel hose with large Schrader valve
  • TA117: Fuel hose with small Schrader valve
  • TA086: Bleed hose
  • TA087: Exhaust adapter
  • TA212: Standard compression hose for WPS
  • TA213: Adaptor M10 short reach
  • TA214: Adaptor M10 deep reach
  • TA216: Adaptor M12 deep reach
  • TA217: Adaptor M14 short reach
  • TA218: Adaptor M14 deep reach
  • TA219: Adaptor M16 Ford Triton
  • TA220: Adaptor M18
  • PP972: Vacuum tap
  • PP970: WPS500X Adaptor Kit A
  • TA250: WPS500X Adaptor Kit B
  • PP973: Fuel hose pressure tap: Small
  • PP974: Fuel hose pressure tap: Medium
  • TA085: Vacuum hose
  • TA129: Universal vacuum adaptor
  • 1 Foster Coupler
  • USB charging cable
  • BNC to BNC cable
  • Carry case
  • Users Manual


Range Pressure range Accuracy Response time Output scaling
1 -15 to 500 psi
-1 to 34.47 bar
1% of scale 100 µs 10 mV/1 psi
(500 psi = 5 V)
2 -15 to 50 psi
-1 to 3.45 bar
1% of scale 100 µs 100 mV/1 psi
(50 psi = 5 V)
3 -5 to 5 psi
-0.34 to 0.34 bar
5% of scale filtered 1 V/1 psi
(5 psi = 5 V)






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