Trevor grew up in Grand Rapids Michigan, where even as a small child he demonstrated a strong desire to know how things worked. By the age of 5 he knew that he wanted to be an automotive technician. Now, as an adult, Trevor enjoys whitetail deer hunting, disc golf, and tinkering with a variety of projects.

After he completed the Auto/Diesel and Industrial Technologies program at Universal Technical Institute and earned the certification of Master ASE Automotive Technician (A1-A8), Trevor returned to Grand Rapids to work for a Lincoln new car dealership. After a few years of working there, management realized that Trevor was willing to work on any machine that they asked him to, so they transferred him to their satellite used car dealership. In 2010 Trevor jumped to the world of independent auto repair, where his personal motivations for fixing machines, the standards of the business, and the goals of the clients all finally aligned.

In 2016, after attending countless training classes and recognizing the superior value that they offered their clients, Trevor purchased his first PicoScope from Autonerdz.

Like many businesses in 2020, Autonerdz suffered disruptions that nearly closed the business for good. However, being an Autonerdz client, Trevor understood the value that the business provided to its clients, so he made an offer to take over the company as its new owner.

Since September of 2020 Trevor has expanded the service offerings that Autonerdz provides to its clients, rolled out new in-person training classes, recorded new training videos, and developed new meaningful ways to support clients.

Trevor’s goals for the future include being an instructor at events like ASTE and Vision; partnering with technical schools to bolster their electrical diagnostics programs, and building a Type 65 coupe kit car from the ground up.

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