A non-expiring $1300.00/year Support and Training Subscription for one individual is included with most Autonerdz 4425A or 4823 PicoScope Kits


 Users have called this
support system the best in the industry

(This support is for the original equipment and purchaser only and non-transferable)
See the PicoGroup resources access policy here

If you would like to see comments from PicoScope users visit the PicoScope Users Comments page.

·         Toll Free US/CA Phone Support.  No please hold hell or circular phone trees.  Calls are usually answered the same day. 

·         Group Therapy With The Picotologist Sessions.  These live voice enabled Internet sessions enable users to interact with each other exchanging files as well as helpful tips and techniques. 

·         Email Support. This is often a great way to get your issue resolved. I can’t see what you’re doing on the phone but sending me your psd file allows me to see exactly what you are doing and helps me to give more exacting suggestions. 

·         The Autonerdz Training and Support Portal. This area of the website contains our training videos, the latest PicoScope software, software add-ons, utilities and much more. 

·         The PicoScope USB Drive. This USB Drive contains the PicoScope Automotive software and the Autonerdz PicoScope Software Add-On.

·         The Autonerdz PicoScope Software Add-On. Adjusts PicoScope settings and adds improved custom probes and math channels to enhance your experience while getting started.

·         Personalized Assistance. When needed, we can get into your PC with you and provide direct assistance.  This requires the use of free VNC software and a broadband internet connection. 

·         The Autonerdz Community Forums. Access to the PicoScope Users section of the Autonerdz Community Forums.  Now including web delivered Flash tutorial movies.

·The Drop Site. The Autonerdz Drop Site is a very fast and easy way to share very large files with other Picogroup members. The PicoScope data files can be much too large to share by other means and many other helpful files are available there as well.

None of this is meant to replace the fine direct Pico Technology factory support.  This package is meant to enhance your PicoScope experience.  None of us has all the answers and some issues require factory support.  Also, we reserve the right to go on vacation 🙂  Unlike the paid support subscription, the support package that comes with a kit purchase from Autonerdz does not expire.  However, if you purchase PicoScope products from another supplier, obviously the support package no longer applies to you.  Be sure to talk to us before purchasing a newer model PicoScope.  Loyalty is well rewarded. 
See the PicoGroup resources access policy here


We ship these kits out as quickly as possible, so you will likely get in stock kits in a few days.  Feel free to contact us or give us a call if you have any questions.  (360) 455-9130 or toll free at (877) 628-4899

We do a lot of PicoScope training and support through the Autonerdz customer support system, which is based mostly on Internet and email.  These support options are available free with Autonerdz PicoScope kits.  It’s well worth it.  Just ask anyone who uses it.

”Thanks for sending us such a good product. I appreciate your running the
PICO program for the US and doing such a good job with it.
I’ve run half a dozen aftermarket companies and can really appreciate the
amount of time and effort it takes to do what you are doing. Great job!”
Norman Garrett


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