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Autonerdz are the ONLY PicoScope automotive specialists in North America. Here at Autonerdz, we decided long ago to set a new standard for automotive dedicated technical support. Each custom PicoScope kit we sell comes with this support package. The training and support system continues to evolve and expand, since we started it in 2002. This support has been called the best in the industry. Combined with the stellar Pico factory support, there is no equal.

We blazed the trail for Pico in the automotive market and since then, they have rocketed to the top of the heap in automotive scopes. The concept was new in 2002 and it has taken time and effort to accomplish this. Pico’s forward thinking was in tune with the automotive industry development in this area and their entry in to the automotive field was timely. We knew that support and training was key to product acceptance and we now have happy PicoScope users on six continents. We don’t just sell equipment, we provide the total experience. 


In-Person Events:


Learn Scoping from a Nerd

Presented by Autonerdz


Join us Saturday, January 28th for an educational day of Picoscope-focused experience.
Starting at 9 AM we will begin with the fundamentals. After a lunch break, we will be breaking up into groups and scoping vehicles. This will NOT just be a lecture where you will be talked at. This will be a shared experience where you will have the chance to make captures, make the connections, and press the buttons yourself.
Due to the limited seating available, pre-registration is required.
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When: Saturday, January 28th, 2023, 9 AM-4PM with a break from 12-1PM so attendees can grab lunch.
Investment: $110 per person.
Address: 12350 14 Mile Rd. Greenville, MI 48838

The takeaways will include a USB drive with the presented materials, the latest Picoscope software, as well as some custom software available exclusively through Autonerdz!
By the end of the day you will have completed the following tests using a scope:

● Relative compression test with sync ● Make captures using the trigger function
● A potentiometer sweep ● Measure a capture with time cursors and
● A fuel pump amperage signature test signal rulers
● An alternator ripple test ● Make a measurement using math channels.
● Voltage drop test using multiple channels ● Make and use a reference waveform
● Crankshaft and camshaft correlation ● Make and use a reference waveform
● Fuel Injector control verification (For comparing a known good to a suspect capture)
● Ignition coil control verification  

Other Recommendations:
If you have a laptop that you use with your scope, bring it along so you can work through the procedures as we are talking about them. You may also wish to bring your own scope kit.

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Online Events:


Group Therapy With The Picotologist

Registration Required

Thursday, February 16, 2023


These intense sharing and training sessions are for our PicoGroup members only

Registration deadline February 15, 2023.

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