PicoBNC+ 14 Bar Pressure Transducer with Foster Adaptor (PQ334)


Offers all the PicoBNC+ ease of use benefits, such as not needing a battery, software probe recognition, and software probe range control.

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Traditional pressure gauges do not provide technicians with a graphical representation of their measurements so they can’t show and/or record the pressure values and trends they observe during the test. It follows that they can’t easily share their results with customers, colleagues or technical support and warranty teams. Nor can they come back to them when they need reference data in the future. The new PQ334 PicoBNC+ 14 bar pressure transducer with Foster adaptor fulfils these needs.

The TA393 is not designed to be a replacement for the WPS500X Pressure Transducer. The WPS500X has greater measurement sensitivity and range and is suitable for a much wider range of use cases. For example, in terms of range, the TA393 PicoBNC+ 14 bar pressure transducer can be used for in-cylinder pressure measurements on some vehicles but not those with higher compression petrol or diesel engines. In terms of sensitivity, the TA393 does not easily pick up smaller pressure changes such as those occurring with exhaust or crankcase pressure measurements. Due to these limitations, the TA393 PicoBNC+ 14 bar pressure transducer is best thought of as a limited purpose but convenient gauge replacement pressure measurement probe.

The pack includes the TA393 PicoBNC+ 14 bar pressure transducer with a 1/4″ NPT output and a TA413 Foster series 2 to ¼” NPT adaptor so that the transducer can connect with our existing range of pressure test adaptors and accessories.


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Pack contents:

  • TA393 PicoBNC+ 14 bar pressure transducer
  • TA413 Foster series 2 to ¼”NPT adaptor


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