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The first in the series, Nerd I is composed of three parts.  In the first presentation we will explore some lab scope operating principles.  Techs will be introduced to a concept known as Creative Lab Scope Technique, which provides a three-legged stool as a strategic foundation for the use of the scope in diagnostics.  Along with this, lab scope capabilities and limitations will be discussed and the importance of exploring and understanding your instruments limitations.  Examples of what can be done using the scope will be presented.

 The second presentation will cover injector drive analysis using the lab scope.  We will discuss three types of injector drives and how to gather the most information from them and also how to interpret the waveforms and make a correct diagnosis.

 The third presentation will be on oxygen sensors.  We will discuss different types of oxygen sensors and the differences in their operation and testing.  Also we will touch on fuel control issues and some common misconceptions.

 This is not a class on how to operate your chosen instrument.  That’s what operator’s manuals are for.   This is a class on what to do with your scope, after you have learned how to operate it and how to understand it better.

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