PicoScope Off-Highway Expert Kit (PQ331)


This kit contain a modified PS4425A PicoScope having additional protection to better withstand off-highway conditions. The included accessories help users quickly connect and easily carry out non-intrusive and non-invasive measurements on a wide variety of systems and components found in these vehicles.

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PicoScope Off-Highway Expert Kit (PQ331)


This kit includes one Autonerdz PicoGroup Training and Support Subscription. This subscription auto-renews every year at no extra charge.

Pico Technology is now offering a set of new off-highway kits, suitable for Heavy-Duty vehicle and Off-Highway (HD-OH) equipment testing. Created for fault diagnosis on trucks, tractors, forklifts, boats, combine harvesters, excavators and more, the off-highway kits open up new markets and opportunities for you.

In support of the new off-highway kits, Pico Technology will be releasing an initial set of ten HD-OH guided tests in our PicoScope software. The tests include information and materials to help HD-OH technicians start their oscilloscope diagnostics journey. Specifically, the tests cover 24 V battery, Bosch Denoxtronic, J1939 communications, engine and hydraulic system and component testing.




1 – PicoScope Off-Highway PS4425A-099

1 – Cable: USB 3 blue 1.8m

2 – Telescopic pack: 45×45 length 80-120mm

2 – Battery clip 4mm socket (red)

2 – Battery clip 4mm socket (black)

2 – Flexible back-pinning probe black

2 – Flexible back-pinning probe red

2 – 2-pin breakout lead

2 – Breakout Lead 2-pin ACS

2 – Breakout Lead 2-pin Deutsch DTxx-2

2 – PicoBNC+ automotive 10:1 scope probe

1 – Insulation piercing test clip (pack of 2)

1 – Cable: USB2 4.5m

1 – S-hook

1 – Carry Case: PiBow Standard kit – Jazz 5019 Black

1 – Multimeter style test probe (black)

1 – Multimeter style test probe (red)

1 – Electronics Acupuncture Probes

1 – Breakout lead for ATC style fuses

1 – Extension lead for mini style fuses

1 – Breakout lead 3-pin amp superseal

1 – PicoBNC+ current clamp: 200A/2000A AC/DC 150V

1 – PicoBNC+ resistance test lead

1 – PicoBNC+ Test Lead: 4mm permanent ground 5m blue

1 – PicoBNC+ Test Lead: 4mm permanent ground 5m red

1 – PicoBNC+ Test Lead: 4mm permanent ground 5m green

1 – PicoBNC+ Test Lead: 4mm permanent ground 5m yellow

1 – PicoBNC+ 60A compact current clamp

3 – Foster 2 series quick coupler female to ¼ NPT male

1 – Cable: USB A male to mini 5 pin 2m

1 – Cable: insulated BNC to insulated BNC 5m

1 – Manual: WPS500X Pressure Transducer

1 – Carry case: WPS500 compression adaptors Black Tekno

1 – WPS500X low pressure transducer calibrated & labelled

1 – Vacuum hose for WPS500 pressure transducer

1 – Bleed hose for WPS500 pressure transducer

1 – Exhaust adaptor for WPS500 pressure transducer

1 – Universal vacuum adaptor

1 – Extension lead for JCASE fuse

1 – Breakout Lead 3-pin Kostal

1 – Breakout Lead 4-pin Deutsch DTxx-4

1 – Breakout Lead 2-pin Kostal

1 – Breakout lead 4-pin large Deutsch DTPxx-4

1 – Vacuum tap for WPS500 (brass)

1 – Fuel hose pressure tap: small (brass)

1 – Fuel hose pressure tap: medium (brass)

1 – PicoBNC+ wide-range linear temperature probe

1 – PicoBNC+ COP  probe


Download PicoScope Automotive software for free

If you do not yet have a PicoScope you can still download the software free of charge and run it in demo mode. The development team are working hard to release regular updates to PicoScope 7 Automotive with additional features and support for future automotive PicoScope products and kits. A list of supported scope models is below:

PicoScope 3223 • PicoScope 3423 • PicoScope 4223 • PicoScope 4423 • PicoScope 4823 • PicoScope 4225 • PicoScope 4425 • PicoScope 4225A • PicoScope 4425A

Note: Test & Measurement scopes such as the PicoScope 2000 Series are not supported within the Automotive software.


Please visit the Autonerdz download page here


PicoScope 4425A USB Oscilloscope:

• 4 channels
• Up to 400 MS/s real–time sample rate
• 20 MHz bandwidth
• 250,000,000 sample memory
• ±200 V input range
• Floating inputs
• ConnectDetect™ for reliable connections
• No external power supply required
• Protected against overloads and short circuits
• CAN bus and FlexRay compatible
• Use with any vehicle
• Easy to use
• Includes PicoScope Automotive software
• Free software updates
• 24 month warranty for the scope module, 12 month warranty for accessories

PC Requirements:

• Processor: 2 GHz
• Memory: 4 GB
• *Screen Resolution: min. 1080P (1920X1080)
• Operating System: 64-bit edition of Windows 10 or 11 (not Windows RT or S) We cannot offer support for Mac or Linux at this time
• Ports: USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible)
• Free Disk Space: 2 GB

*Lesser screen resolutions may work, but will make some features inaccessible.


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