The Autonerdz Difference

Autonerdz was the first to introduce PicoScope to the North American automotive industry in the year 2000. Since then, many PicoScope distributors have come and gone while Autonerdz continues to grow. I believe this growth is due to being PicoScope exclusive.

While other vendors are offering scan tools, DVOM’s and other diagnostic equipment, Autonerdz has remained PicoScope only specialists. It’s not that we’re any smarter than the other vendors, it’s just that our attention isn’t divided among a bunch of different tools. We concentrate on PicoScope to offer the best support we can, It’s tough to be an expert in everything.

We always recommend doing your homework when it comes time to purchase a scope, just pay attention to what you are actually getting. Most of our PicoScope kits include a PicoGoup Training and Support subscription. This subscription will not expire or require renewal, PicoGroup policy here

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