PicoScope Storage

After more than 20 years supplying Automotive Technicians with PicoScope equipment, training and support, we’ve learned a few things about storing diagnostic equipment.

I personally own several pieces of equipment that are still in their original, blow-molded cases. These are seldom used items that sit on a high shelf, collecting dust until needed. I also have many frequently used pieces of equipment that originally came with a storage case, but are better off stored in a drawer or other easily accessed location.

PicoScope is a significant investment that we all want to protect from damage. While a carry case will offer some protection, we’ve found that scopes stored in the case are only put into use as a last resort. This is why we recommend a dedicated cart for the PicoScope, having the scope and accessories immediately accessible can greatly increase diagnostic efficiency.

A dedicated cart can also help with organization and keeping track of accessories. The carry cases have nice foam cutouts in the front for the scope and a few of the accessories, but the user will likely not notice items missing from the back of the case. With an organized cart, items missing from their dedicated place will be more noticeable.

We have Pico cart setup examples dating back to 2004 https://www.autonerdz.com/cgi/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1083810927

We have chosen to omit carry cases with The Autonerdz Custom PicoScope kits. By doing so, we’re able to add diagnostic accessories while keeping costs down. Of course, carry cases are available.

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